Orchestra of New Spain Virtual Event: Spanish Baroque Zarzuela ‘Love Conquers Impossible Love’

Here’s a chance to see Orchestra of New Spain‘s Feb 2020 production of the Spanish Baroque Zarzuela Love Conquers Impossible Love, by Sebastián Durón. Based on the myth of Danae, whose father King Acrisius locks her in a tower, only to be saved by the love smitten Jupiter is described in the press as “a welcome bit of fantasy combining baroque theater traditions with modern trends”. The zarzuela alternates dialogue in English, with arias sung in Spanish. With Spanish and Mexican artistic team and local Shakespearean actors, the Orchestra of New Spain musicians lead from the pit in this two act comic opera. Described as “a visual feast….with spectacular assemblages” and plenty of dance from folk to modern, it is good fun to watch.

Stage direction by Federico Figueroa, music direction by Grover Wilkins, choreography by Jaime Puente, costumes by Antonio Bartolo, principal soloists Carla Lopez Speziale, Pilar Tejero, Julianna Emanski

Available on video from April 9th at 7 pm CDT and on demand until April 26th 2021. $15

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