Aymeric Dupré la Tour coaches eigth-grade harpsichord student Addie Clark.

Organist and Harpsichordist Aymeric Dupré la Tour has Died, Aged 49

The French-American keyboard player Aymeric Dupré la Tour, of Niantic, Connecticut, has tragically died following a car accident. Dupré la Tour was driving on the Interstate in the early hours of the morning when his car collided with a tractor-trailer in the adjacent lane.

Some very healthy early music canaries

Most exciting, arguably, is the next generation of musicians who are taking tradition and quietly making it their own — brilliantly showcased over the past week by the London Festival of Baroque Music.

Cellist Allen Whear has died

The baroque cellist and viola da gamba specialist passed away aged 64 on 10 February following a long battle with cancer.

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