Bloomington Early Music Festival 2022 to celebrate women in early music

Bloomington Early Music 2022, scheduled for May 22-27, is dedicated to celebrating women in early music. BLEMF will be a hybrid festival, offering events both in-person and online, with a grand total of fifteen concert performances and six educational workshops for children and adults. It aims to highlight the presence, influence, and artistry of women across nine centuries of musical culture and music-making.

From the convents of the medieval period through the salons of the early 19th century, women participated in music as composers, performers, poets, patrons, and listeners; from positions of political, religious, and social power; in front of audiences and behind the scenes. BLEMF 2022 gives such women the stage—those long-remembered and those only recently rediscovered—to bring the music they made in their time to our audiences today.

With a commitment to diverse approaches to performance and grounding performance in the most current musicological and music historical research, BLEMF has been strengthened through past and current collaborations with national organizations such as Early Music America, internationally renowned scholars at IU’s Jacobs School of Music, and a continued close alliance with the Historical Performance Institute. BLEMF upholds the support of emerging talent as one of our core values and aims to foster the connection between the rich local tradition of early music in Bloomington and the far-reaching global community of early music performers and audiences.

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