Hip to be HIP

Vol. 24 No. 3; September 2018


  • Features
    • Cover: Hip to be HIP: When Early Music and New Music Intersect by Thomas May
    • Early Music in the House by Anne Schuster Hunter
    • Alexander Weiman: Pacific Northwest Powerhouse by David Gordon Duke
    • 1378: Music at the Start of the Papal Schism by Karen Cook
    • Early Music in Kansas City by Kyle MacMillan
  • Recurring Articles
    • The Art of the Amateur: Banking on the Baroque – Claudia Holmes
    • Early to Rise: A Musical Oasis, Found in Mexico – Rafael Sánchez Ramirez
    • Canto: Nurtured by Bach by Scott Allen Jarrett
    • Musings: Memory and Performance by Thomas Forrest Kelly

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