Early Music Seattle presents For All Our Sisters


We are the ones. We are the ones
Heart of night watching over dreams

Water of waters. We are the ones
Ghosts dancing in trees, flowers upstream

We are the ones. Future bears our name
As we birth and care for children in our day

Seattle, WA ­‑ Early Music Seattle is thrilled to present a performance like never before!  For All Our Sisters seamlessly melds poetry, music, and dance to showcase the viewpoints of women in scenarios where men have historically had the predominant narrative power. Music from the early modern period combined with contemporary works about female characters from Greek and Roman mythology opens a window into the experiences of women past and present.

The stories of women from antiquity resonate through our times. In this program, local composer Aaron Grad, the creator of the electric theorbo concerto Strange Seasons, returns for a program featuring soprano Danielle Reutter-Harrah and an ensemble of Rachell Ellen Wong, violin; Janet See, flute; Annabeth Shirley, cello; Deborah Fox, theorbo; and Jillon Stoppels Dupree, harpsichord. They are joined by reader/dancer Milvia Pacheco and reader/poet Jennifer Bullis for a program of exquisite cantatas from across the centuries, interlaced with contemporary poetry and evocative interludes, all designed to help us listen more compassionately to women’s stories from mythological times to today. Aaron’s new work, co-created with the Bellingham-based poet Jennifer Bullis, shines new light on the Sirens.

Early Music Seattle turns everything you thought you knew about early music on its head and challenges the limits of what you thought was possible!

For All Our Sisters Artists
Aaron Grad – Composer
Rachell Ellen Wong – Concertmaster
Jennifer Bullis – librettist
Jillon Stoppels Dupree – harpsichord
Deborah Fox – theorbo
Danielle Reutter- Harrah – Soloist soprano
Claudia Castro Luna – poet
Milvia Pacheco – dancer
Janet See – flute
Annabeth Shirley – Principal cello and viola da gamba

Read artists biographies: https://earlymusicseattle.org/events/for-all-our-sisters-3/

Concert Information:
Early Music Seattle presents
Global Connections

For All Our Sisters
Sunday, June 12 | 2pm
Town Hall Seattle
Tickets : earlymusicseattle.org

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