Project Isabella Leonarda, 1620-2020

Suor Isabella Leonarda (6 September, 1620 – 25 February, 1704) was the most prolific of all women composers in the 17th century. She published no fewer than 20 collections of motets and other sacred music, nearly 200 compositions spanning virtually every genre of sacred music of her time, as well as the only complete collection of instrumental works by a Italian woman in the 1600s. To celebrate her fourth centennial, Cappella Artemisia is planning a series of events, including concerts and a recording, and a VIRTUAL CHOIR of one of her works: a simple canon she composed in 1698, dedicated (as were all of her works) to the Virgin Mary.We would like to invite anyone interested—musicians and not, women and men, singers and instrumentalists, soloists and ensembles—to contribute to our virtual choir by recording themselves performing this canon. We will then combine all these videos to make one glorious choir which we will unveil on Sept. 6, 2020.All information can be found on our website. Please submit your video by the end of June.

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