The City Musick Corona Consort Project

The renowned UK based historic wind ensemble The City Musick are pleased to announce the new Corona Consort Karaoke  project. We deeply miss playing with colleagues and students on our summer schools and courses so have come up with this idea to enable players to play along with any part they want from a series of audio tracks available to buy via our website. We recorded remotely in basements and attics over the past few weeks and then the whole was put together and mixed as a whole. The  consort pieces feature whole consorts of recorders and crumhorns and mixed consorts of cornetts, shawms, dulcians and sackbuts. On our website you can find out all about what the project entails and what comes with each purchase. Links are:

I really hope you enjoy the opportunity to play this wonderful repertoire with great players.

William Lyons, Director

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