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Frank Hubbard Double Manual Harpsichord
Taskin model with the serial number 80. The disposition is 2×8’, 1×4’, with a range of FF to g’’’ and two transposing pitch positions of a=415 and 440. It is a custom Hubbard instrument completed in the mid 1960s.
Asking Price: Negotiable
Closing Date: 5/1/22
Contact: harpsichordforsale2022@gmail.com

David Jensen Double Manual Harpsichord
Small French double, built by David Jensen in 1990; refurbished 2015 by Robert Hicks; GG-e”’, 8’8’4′, transposing 415/440, shove coupler; used professionally by current owner since 2011.
Asking Price: $16,000
Closing Date: 7/22/22
Contact: smangsen@comcast.net

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