EMA’s Instrument Builders list is a user-generated list of North American builders of period instruments. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to submit new builders or suggest updates/corrections.

North American Early Instrument Builders

This submission form is to identify instrument builders in North America who specialize in the construction of period replica instruments and instruments intended for use in historically-informed performance. Modern instruments will not be listed in this resource.

Builder/Workshop Contact Information

Builder/Workshop Location

please include only general periods/types of instruments and not a specific list of models. (i.e. Renaissance and Baroque recorders, Renaissance lutes, Baroque violins, viols, etc. NOT: Renaissance tenor recorder after Praetorius, 9-course lute, double-manual 18th century French harpsichord, etc.)
Please use this space to provide any other details about this builder/workshop not addressed in the field above.
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