Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, Master of Music in New Spain

The music of Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, perhaps the most prolific and important composer in Spanish Colonial America, has been remarkably well preserved. He’s our best source on the role of the vernacular ‘villancicos’ in New Spain’s Christmas celebrations.

A New François Couperin Edition, of Music in a Life

With this new publication of François Couperin’s celebrated ‘Pièces de clavecin’ (Book III) together with his ‘Concerts royaux,’ we now have a chance to compare the keyboard composer with the chamber musician in a single volume. The introduction alone is invaluable scholarship on this period of the composer’s life and world.

Peter Thacher and the Viol in Colonial Massachusetts

Massachusetts is full of lovingly preserved homes from the 17th century. But what did life in these homes sound like? The latest essay in ‘Early Music: the Americas’ explores the world of a Puritan reverend who left us tantalizing clues.

For a Thai-American Violinist, It’s All About Connections

Sallynee Amawat, raised in two distinct cultures, is eager to take artistic risks and hungry to link continents and ideas. Her latest projects with Infusion Baroque cover topics as varied as gender, courtly dance, and ‘exoticized’ repertoire.

Introducing EMA’s Young Performers Festival and Emerging Artists Showcase

Early Music America’s Young Performers Festival and the Emerging Artists Showcase presents some of the most talented and inspiring musicians in North America, this year June 8 – 10, as part of the Berkeley Festival & Exhibition (BFX), which runs a full week starting June 5. The festivities begin with Virtual Showcase on June 1 & 3 via YouTube.

Virtual Review: Delightful ‘The White Cat’ fairy tale from Les Délices

Fairy tales may seem like an unlikely source for a tragédie lyrique. But Cleveland-based Les Délices, in a newly created production of ‘The White Cat,’ combines the two genres with arresting results. Based on a 1698 fairy tale by the pioneering Madame d’Aulnoy, the English-language opera weaves a story about the virtues of friendship, loyalty, and love through puppets and a pastiche of French Baroque favorites by Lully, Couperin, and other composers.

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