Letters to the Editor: Replies to ‘Let’s Talk about the English Choral Tradition’

“How many talented singers are we losing who encounter vocal fatigue or injury and assume that it is their fault? [By] implying that vocal fatigue equates to a lack of natural talent rather than framing it as a normal challenge that everyone will experience at different points of their career encourages the maintenance of the current veil of silence around vocal injury. We must encourage singers to seek help, be vulnerable, and understand that vocal challenges can be worked through.”

Music for Gamba by Fiala and his Buddy Mozart

Josef Fiala, friend of the Mozart family, composed music for the viola da gamba. On this intriguing new recording, gambist Thomas Fritzsch links Fiala’s music with Mozart’s.

CANTO: Let’s Talk About the English Choral Tradition

“Historically, the shorthand way of achieving an ‘English sound’ has been to ask singers to ‘straighten that out,’ which can often lead to physical tension, fatigue, burn out, and resentment. The word ‘straight’ has been so overused and developed such a reputation that it fills many singers with indignation…”

András Schiff Plays Bach on the Clavichord

Pianist Andras Schiff is no newcomer to period-instrument performance. His latest recording is music by J.S. Bach on an unfretted clavichord — likely the same type used by the composer.

Magnificent Mozart, From Both Ends

A complete Mozart symphony recording project from Il Pomo d’Oro, a crack ensemble, and conductor Maxim Emelyanychev, is off to an auspicious start, and then some. Mozart’s first and last symphonies are here, along with the Piano Concerto No 23. These are performances of high elegance and spirit.

Reviving Lost Masters with Reconstructive Surgery

Lutenist Hopkinson Smith has reworked two books of lute solos by Francesco Spinacino and Joan Ambrosio Dalza that were published with so many errors in 1507 that they are nearly unplayable. The result opens a new chapter in lute history.

Where Lute Song Meets Lovesickness

‘LOVESICK,’ the latest album from American countertenor Randall Scotting is a tight collaboration with lutenist Stephen Stubbs, providing 17th-century perspectives on heartbreak, longing, and loneliness.

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