For a Thai-American Violinist, It’s All About Connections

Sallynee Amawat, raised in two distinct cultures, is eager to take artistic risks and hungry to link continents and ideas. Her latest projects with Infusion Baroque cover topics as varied as gender, courtly dance, and ‘exoticized’ repertoire.

CD Review: Cellist Elinor Frey Explores Early Italian Concertos

A champion of under-performed 18-century treasures for cello, Elinor Frey’s latest recording is high in virtuosity and appeal. As the cover suggests, she has two instruments at her disposal: one a standard Strad-model cello, the other a 3/4 size cello that allows several of the works to really sing.

Book Review: Exploring a Missing Link in Medieval English Motets

Two damaged fragments of parchment, circa 1300, have an amazing story to tell. The Dorset rotulus, a scroll of music, helps flesh out a 400-year gap in our knowledge, adding new insights into the development of the medieval English motet. And for anyone looking for new early English material available for performance, the book will be an excellent resource.

Aymeric Dupré la Tour coaches eigth-grade harpsichord student Addie Clark.

Organist and Harpsichordist Aymeric Dupré la Tour has Died, Aged 49

The French-American keyboard player Aymeric Dupré la Tour, of Niantic, Connecticut, has tragically died following a car accident. Dupré la Tour was driving on the Interstate in the early hours of the morning when his car collided with a tractor-trailer in the adjacent lane.

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