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Celebrating the Microtonal with Cavalieri’s ‘Lamentations’

Like Monteverdi, Emilio de’ Cavalieri took a ‘seconda pratica’ approach by breaking counterpoint rules to better convey the texts. He also experimented with new styles and techniques, such as dividing a whole-step into more than two pitches. Elam Rotem and his ensemble Profeti della Quinta specialize in this sort of treacherously difficult music to sing, and they deliver Cavalieri’s ‘Lamentations’ with exquisite precision. The effect is a little disorienting and thoroughly mesmerizing.

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CANTO: We Have the Technology

Even before the ubiquity of Zoom, we were all conditioned to think that in-person musical interactions are always superior to anything online. Always. But what if a musician can’t spend the money or time to connect in person? The author argues that newer technology allows us a more nuanced approach: we can pick solutions that are financially, logistically, and artistically preferable.

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