American Bach Society Diversity Grant

The American Bach Society invites proposals for a grant or grants of up to $2000 for scholarly or creative projects that expand diversity in the study or performance of J. S. Bach and his music. Projects might include scholarly work that explores diversity in the history, teaching, or performance of Bach’s music; support of work by a scholar whose own identity adds diversity to the voices writing about Bach; support for a performer whose identity adds diversity to the presentation of Bach’s music; support for an organization whose work diversifies audiences for Bach’s music; or support for other academic or creative approaches to Bach and diversity. “Diversity” can be along any axis—race, gender, ethnicity, ability, identity, or any other in which a project can make a contribution.

Grants will be available to those living or working in North America; preference will be given to applicants in the earlier stages of their careers, but all are welcome to apply. To apply, please send 1) a one-page project proposal that identifies the product of the work, explains how the work will add diversity, and outlines a schedule; 2) a budget; 3) and a CV. Send this material by e-mail with pdf attachment(s) to by May 1, 2021.

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