Castello: Sonata Prima from Sonate Concertate in Stil Moderno

“I am very fond of Dario Castello. Is it the obscurity surrounding is life? the tension and drama, but also the mystery, we hear and feel in his music? He certainly was a composer of great personality and his music one of the great expressions of Stylus Fantasticus.

This is a recording I had the pleasure to make with the wonderful ensemble Shanghai Camerata. The whole CD was recorded in one day, in less than 8 hours. I remember walking out of these huge recording studios in Shanghai with relief, Castello’s first sonata had made it into the already tight recording session, barely! This track is the result of less than 2 recorded takes, in a way it is almost a live performance. Enjoy!

Like anybody else working in our field. I am teaching some of my students via videoconference, performances have all been canceled for the entire months of March and April… crossing fingers for May, but who knows? things are uncertain.

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