Young, talented, analogic. SONO Music Group presents The Lanes, from the UK.

Norfolk, UK – February, 2, 2020 

SONO Music Group announces the first release with The Lanes, a young and talented band from UK.

Listen to ‘There’s A Locked Up Safe’ HERE 

‘There’s A Locked Up Safe’ is a shout of support to those stuck in dark places, struggling with the strain of growing up in the modern age on mental health. It goes on to emphasize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, suggesting how it can feel like this happiness resides within a ‘Locked up Safe’ but despite it all, it will get better.

The Lanes are a young 4 piece Indie/Rock outfit from Norwich, UK described by BBC Intro In Norfolk as ‘One of our favorite new young up and coming bands’. 

The band originally formed after being promised a gig at the prestigious Norwich Arts Centre (Nirvana, Oasis) before a single song had been written which led to playing a promising set consisting primarily of music from ‘The Lanes, Vol.1’. This has since led to releases of ‘Vol. 2’ and our debut single ‘Take The Hint’,  playing gigs all around Norwich and as far up as the Camden Assembly, supporting bands such as Marsicans and Himalayas and earning radio play and Interviews on platforms such BBC Introducing in Norfolk and Outline Magazine. New Music out soon.

Norwich band The Lanes‘ first single Take The Hint was released in April. The track opens with a catchy guitar riff which is quickly followed by the vocalist’s clever lyrics. This track tells the story of somebody struggling through a relationship while constantly falling out and making up. Halfway through the track, it slows down with “When you’re acting like there’s nothing wrong, until you are finally around to break the mold, and it’s harder and harder, so I just won’t bother”. This is another track people will relate to and appreciate it for its story-telling lyrics.” – NYUP Music (Top Five Upcoming Bands of 2020)

The Lanes’ first single out with SONO Music Group, There’s A Locked Up Safe will be out February the 5th. 

Discover The Lanes  on SONO Music Group website:


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