Rebecca Shaw


Contact Information


West Roxbury, Massachusetts

Early Music Skills & Interests

Cello, Other Bowed Strings, Viola, Viola Da Gamba, Violin, Violone

Early Music Affiliations

Administrator, Educator, Performer


 Rebecca Shaw has a genuine excitement and enthusiasm for the music and instruments she plays. Rebecca has been heard with various ensembles in the Boston area, and has played with ensembles including Musical Offering, The Weckmann Project, The Arcadia Players, Cambridge Concentus, Les Bostonades, Grand Harmonie, and The Berry Collective. She is the founder of Arreaux Strings – an event music service, arranges music for strings, teaches Baroque and modern cello along with other instruments of the violin family, and coaches chamber music at Harvard’s Mather House. Rebecca can occasionally be heard on viola da gamba, violin, baroque and modern viola, and bass. Performing in both early and modern classical genres, she received a Graduate Performance Diploma in Early Music from the Longy School of Music as a student of Phoebe Carrai, holds a Masters Degree and Performance Certificate in Chamber Music from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Institute of Chamber Music, and a Bachelor of Music degree from Rutgers University. You can find her original pop arrangements at and visit Arreaux Strings at Also a furious knitter, Rebecca whips up tiny projects whenever possible that can be seen at You’ve Been R’ed. (  arr!) 


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