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  • Features
    • Cover: Baroque Dance for Musicians by Julie Andrijeski
    • The Four Beatles of the Recorder by Fred Brouwers
    • Celebrating Ockeghem’s (Nearly) 600th Birthday by Fabrice Fitch
    • The King’s Singers: Golden Voices in a Golden Year by Jeremy Reynolds
    • Stanford Baroque Soloists: In Stil (Ma Moderno) by Anthony Martin
  • Departments
    • The Art of the Amateur: Cultivating a Rich Musical Life – Charmion Burns
    • Early to Rise: A Rewarding Slide from One Trombone to Another – Adam Dillon
    • Canto: And Messiah Shall Reign Forever by Judith Malafronte
    • Musings: Ubiquity, Thy Name is Early Music by Thomas Forrest Kelly
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