The Unmistakable Sound of Thomas Dunford

Included in the Full Issue

  • Keepers of a New Flame by Jacob Jahiel
  • A Mystery Instrument of Old New England by Loren Ludwig
  • The Unmistakable Sound of Thomas Dunford by Emery Kerekes
  • Community & Climate Change & Early Music by Thomas May
  • Vicento Lusitano: A Legacy Recovered by Garrett Schumann
  • From the Publications Director: It’s a Tool. It’s Our Future.
  • From the Executive Director: Let’s Lift Up Early Music
  • EMA Courant – News from Around the Early Music Community by Paulina Francisco
  • Recording & Book Reviews
  • EMAg Puzzle by Joshua Kosman
  • Musings by Thomas Forrest Kelly
  • Toil & Trouble by Judith Malafronte
  • Canto by David Simmons Wood

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Community & Climate Change & Early Music

The vulnerability of our natural ecosystems makes us more aware of the fragile state of our artistic ecosystems—and how profoundly interconnected these issues are.

Keepers of a New Flame

The American violin scene is set for renewal as a versatile younger generation replaces their distinguished teachers.

A Mystery Instrument of Old New England

It was hidden for more than a century in the basement of an old house. The instrument’s discovery offers important hints about a forgotten history of New England ensemble string playing.

TOIL & TROUBLE: A Degree in Early Music? Really?

Do students need a degree in historical performance to enter the field of early music? Most instrumentalists are positive about the need for a specialized degree. Singers? Not so much. But for anyone considering a degree in early music, ask yourself, “What does the program offer?”

Canto: Toward a Rebirth of Renaissance Choral Repertoire

Why is Renaissance choral music mostly absent in U.S. schools? From an emphasis on living composers and ‘vertical’ harmonies to choral directors themselves unfamiliar with the repertoire, there’s a lot to discuss. A choir director asks the questions and offers possible solutions.

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