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Who’s Invited to Early Music? A Mother’s Take on Audience Inclusivity

By Marylin Winkle
Navigating the pandemic with a toddler in tow, the author had few problems in public spaces — till they were kicked out of an early-music concert.

Finding the Baroque in Carnatic Classical Music

By Maya Kherani
CANTO: European Baroque and Indian classical music have freedom within structure. As a singer, you have so much agency.

Included in the Full Issue

  • EMA Awards 2022 by Anne E. Johnson
  • Silent Movie Superhero by Anne Schuster Hunter
  • Viols Blooming in Texas by Ashley Mulcahy
  • Battle of the Bands by Angela Mariani
  • Trilling with the Devil by Emery Kerekes
  • The Characters of Colonial Williamsburg by Dominic Giardino
  • Who’s Invited to Early Music? by Marylin Winkle
  • From the Publications Director: Telling Stories
  • From the Executive Director: Teach Something You Love
  • EMA Courant – News from Around the Early Music Community by Paulina Francisco
  • Recording & Book Reviews
  • EMAg Puzzle by Joshua Kosman
  • Musings by Thomas Forrest Kelly
  • Canto by Maya Kherani