Viols Blooming in Texas

Included in the Full Issue

  • EMA Awards 2022 by Anne E. Johnson
  • Silent Movie Superhero by Anne Schuster Hunter
  • Viols Blooming in Texas by Ashley Mulcahy
  • Battle of the Bands by Angela Mariani
  • Trilling with the Devil by Emery Kerekes
  • The Characters of Colonial Williamsburg by Dominic Giardino
  • Who’s Invited to Early Music? by Marylin Winkle
  • From the Publications Director: Telling Stories
  • From the Executive Director: Teach Something You Love
  • EMA Courant – News from Around the Early Music Community by Paulina Francisco
  • Recording & Book Reviews
  • EMAg Puzzle by Joshua Kosman
  • Musings by Thomas Forrest Kelly
  • Canto by Maya Kherani

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Trilling with the Devil

When Rachell Ellen Wong was awarded the Avery Fisher Career Grant, she was described as the first Baroque violinist to win. That’s only part of her story.

Viols Blooming in Texas  

In Humble, Texas, a music teacher brings students into the musical and social world of the viola da gamba consort.

Battle of the Bands

In Texas, the competitive spirit pervades everything, even the arts and its funding. Can early music make the cut, and thrive?

The Characters of Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg’s annual antiques forum opens later this week, Feb. 24-28, 2023. Visitors can expect to see and hear historic instruments from CW’s collection. The forum is linked to an illuminating new exhibit, using portraits and instruments to depict the life and sounds of a bygone culture in 18th-century Virginia, when music was heard seemingly everywhere.

CANTO: Finding the Baroque in Carnatic Classical Music

European Baroque and Indian classical have freedom within structure. As a singer you have so much agency. You start with melodic brilliance, and then the singer makes their mark on the composition through their use of ornamentation.

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