VM Collectables opens with unique musical antiques and rarities

Baden-Württemberg, Germany: VM Collectables, a platform for the sale of musical instruments, antiques, collectables and rarities, has been launched with amazing reviews. It was established with the principal aim of finding new homes for beautiful objects with musical connections.

Founded by the couple Vicki Stoten and Martin Wenner, VM Collectables sells vintage and antique flutes, clarinets, flageolets, woodwinds and musical accessories, musical collectables and gifts. But that’s not all…its services include worldwide shipping with full export and legal documentation (such as CITES documents for ivory) and insurance, item research and sourcing, commission sales and an auction service.

Many of the instruments on sale have been fully restored and brought into playing condition by a master. It’s a fantastic chance for musicians to finally get their hands on authentic, early instruments and play them. The online catalogue of unique products also features other musical collectables and gifts for musicians and music lovers.

The website is entirely in English. It includes a Library section for those who fancy reading some fascinating stories about classical music, musical instruments and musical instrument makers. There is also valuable advice on taking care of musical instruments and antiques.

Martin Wenner explains, “Many customers asked us for original, playable or even collectable flutes and instruments. That all inspired an idea! So, Vicki and I founded VM Collectables”.

“Every old object has and tells a story. Sometimes we know it; sometimes we guess it. Often the background remains an eternal mystery. Isn’t that great?”, adds Vicki Stoten.

About VM Collectables: VM Collectables is based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and was established in 2022 by the business consultant Vicki Stoten and one of Europe’s leading master woodwind instrument makers, Martin Wenner of Wenner Floeten.

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