Caring for the Early Music Community
January-March 2021

Early Music America recognizes the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the particular hardships faced by the performing arts community, including many EMA members.

Beginning January 2021, EMA will present The Well-Tempered Musician, a wide-ranging series of webinars, meet-ups, conversations, and online resources focused on mental and physical wellness.

The Sunday Physical Wellness sessions start at 4pm ET on Sunday, January 3, and run every Sunday through March, including yoga, Baroque dance, and other movement classes, all led by experienced instructors who are also early musicians.

Mental Health Mondays will offer a range of sessions from drop-in to facilitated conversations, starting on Monday, January 4, with a presentation called Mental and Emotional Wellness in a Pandemic by a licensed therapist.

We will explore the collaborative power of music and medicine (see below to watch a recording of a conversation on the subject). Plus, there’s food advice, and baking classes, trivia nights, and more. Don’t forget to check out the resources below.

It’s all free, with some events available only to EMA members. Events will continue to be added during the next few weeks.

Well-Tempered Musician Keynote Discussion: Fieldwork While Being a Performing Musician. January 10, 2021

Keynote Resources

Upcoming Wellness Events

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