When Handel Leaves You Hanging

While many choose Handel’s iconic Messiah for their yuletide concert-going festivities, Lumedia Musicworks dares to detour around the composer’s Christmas catalog. The group unveils its forthcoming Christmas concert, titled “When Handel Leaves You Hanging,” drawing inspiration from the composer’s pastoral opera Atalanta, as well as works by his Italian contemporaries. 

In the upcoming performance, Arcangelo Corelli’s Christmas Concerto will feature recorders in the spotlight, reminiscent of the pastoral depictions found in 17th-century artworks. Alessandro Scarlatti’s Cantata pastorale per la Natività is known for its glittering soprano solo, and to further accentuate the season, will be enhanced by baroque harp.

Traditionalists will appreciate the timeless favorites, Greensleeves to a Ground, and the monumental Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 by J.S. Bach.

Join Lumedia Musicworks for an experience of wonder, joy, and unparalleled creativity. When Handel leaves you hanging, you’ll be reminded of the endless possibilities of classical music.

For tickets and more information, visit www.LumediaMusicworks.com.

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