Published March 7, 2016

Click to read the Spring 2016 Issue (must be logged in to view content). On The Cover: “A recent press trip to Israel piqued my interest in that fascinating country’s early-music scene. Israel is at once ancient and new, like so much of what we are trying to do in our field, and I was curious about the history of the early-music revival, the active and retired performers and teachers, and the challenges facing musicians and presenters today.” -Judith Malafronte

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Music Before 1800’s Bill Barclay and Historically Informed ‘Experience’

A Q&A with Music Before 1800's new artistic director Bill Barclay: 'If people are going to take a risk of coming to a concert for the first time, they need something to hold on to'... it's 'sadly a bit of an exclusionary pleasure — you have to know a little bit to get a lot out of it, unless there’s something that resonates and makes people understand that early musicians are arbiters of ancient insights into human performance.'
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