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Canto: Relishing Recitativo

Dana Marsh
My favorite part of any rehearsal process begins when the focus is on recitative. For many singers, especially those who concentrate on Baroque music, recitative is a Holy Grail of
Canto: Voices of Inspiration

Canto: Voices of Inspiration

Arianne Abela
How can we teach children that music is a space where all people are welcome? How can we lift up voices instead of suppressing them in a world that talks about openness and inclusivity but often falls short? How can we use our own voices to effect change?
Reggie Mobley

Canto: Times That Bind

Reginald Mobley
Feelings and emotions are the glue of the human experience. And the unfailing conduit for linking us to who we always were, and will be, is music. It has existed along with humanity predating traumas like war, slavery, and injustice.
Canto: Gifts of Healing

Canto: Gifts of Healing

Meredith Hall
From the May 2019 issue of EMAg The important thing about early music is that humans do it. It is true that it is beautiful and can soothe the soul,
Canto: Make Our Gardens Grow

Canto: Make Our Gardens Grow

Nell Snaidas
Life in the arts is never easy, of course, but lately I’ve seen and heard so many of my fellow musicians crying out for help, not just financially but existentially.
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