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  • On the Cover: Enjoying the Ride with Countertenor John Holiday by David Shengold
  • Rhinestones & Nashville Twang by John Pitcher
  • William Christie on the American Scene by Thomas May
  • Girl Just Just Wanna Have Fun by Aaron Keebaugh
  • Raising the Bar: Handel & Haydn in Transition by Aaron Keebaugh
  • How Did Early Music Get So “Crispy” by Addi Liu
  • Exploring Music Across the Colonial Americas by Sophie Genevieve Lowe
  • Ancient China and the T’Ang Imperial Orchestras by Bo Lawergren


  • From the Editor: Music That Connects Us
  • From the Executive Director: More Than A Magazine
  • The Art of the Amateur: As a Labor of Love, A Computer Programmer Uploads A Lifetime of Renaissance Music by Ashley Mulcahy
  • EMA Courant – News from Around the Early Music Community
  • Canto: Imagine East and West in Song by Wanda Yang Temko
  • CD & Book Reviews
  • EMAg Puzzle by Joshua Kosman
  • Musings: The Good Old Days are Back by Thomas Forrest Kelly

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Canto: Imagine East and West in Song

We can start to envision a world where ancient music from opposite sides of the globe co-exists on a program, creating and exploring a new definition for historically informed performances. Allowing ourselves to explore different aural palettes enriches us. When we learn about and understand different cultures with open hearts and minds, we begin to appreciate one another.

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