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CD Review: Delicious Bridging Of Periods

Rather than simply playing jazz on period instruments or Baroque interpretations of popular music, Les Délices’ new recording, “Songs Without Words,” is an inventive and warm performance of what Duke Ellington astutely called “good music.”

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The Brook Street Band: Rachel Harris, Tally Theo, Farran Scott, Carolyn Gibley

CD Review: Handel (Maybe) Sonatas

Only four of the nine sonatas for violin and continuo on this recording by the Brook Street Band can be definitively attributed to the master through an extant autograph score. Authorship aside, all of these sonatas are at the very least charming, often clever, and always beautiful.

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Olwen Foulkes, center, with colleagues Tabea Debus and Nathaniel Mander.

CD Review: Baroque Recorder Ride

Recorder player Olwen Foulkes has assembled a real Baroque grab bag packed with plenty of technical and expressive possibilities. Listeners might not even notice that, apart from two pieces, none of the music on this disc was actually intended for her instrument.

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Vincent Lauzer plays many Vivaldi recorder concertos on his new disc with Arion Baroque Orchestra.

CD REVIEW: Vivaldi Recorder Concertos

Vivaldi’s highly-structured, often virtuosic, and incredibly expansive catalog of works may sometimes blur together, but recorder player Vincent Lauzer and Canada’s Arion Baroque Orchestra illuminate its formal as well as its expressive variety.

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